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Professional eye care & personal service based in Widnes, Cheshire

We are contact lens specialists, which means that we can fit even the most complex prescriptions, particularly for people who believe they 'can't' wear contact lenses.

Major technological advances have produced a new generation of lenses, suitable for most sight defects and almost all spectacle wearers. Innovative materials have helped to eliminate dry eye issues and improve wearability and comfort. And, from just a few pence per day, lenses are more affordable than ever before.

You can pay for your lenses as and when required, or join our monthly payment scheme which includes valuable additional benefits: free eye examinations, free after-care and a 15% discount on any of the spectacles in our range. Our lens prices are highly competitive, with daily wear lenses from just £10 per month.

We have a range of lenses to suit every lifestyle, whether you want to wear them round-the-clock, even when you're sleeping, or just want to enjoy the convenience of occasional wear, as an alternative to spectacles. We can even prescribe multi-focal contact lenses, to correct near and far vision simultaneously.

We specialise in fitting children's contact lenses, giving them the freedom and confidence of perfect vision, without spectacles.

Visit us for a no-obligation assessment and we'll give you a free trial pair of lenses and a free sample of lens cleaning fluid. .


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Merton Beck Opticians
39 Widnes Road,

Tel: 0151 424 2141
Fax: 0151 424 2141

Opening Hours
Monday - Friday: 9am to 5pm
Saturday: 9am to 1pm

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