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Professional eye care & personal service based in Widnes, Cheshire

Here comes the sun - and your eyes deserve the protection of a professional pair of shades, fitted with quality, scratch resistant lenses offering full UV protection. And to make the most of the sun, we have a fantastic offer: if you buy a complete pair of spectacles from us (whatever you spend and including NHS vouchers) we'll make up a pair of prescription sunglasses for you, from just £38.

All the frames in our collection - including our designer ranges - can be fitted with both regular and prescription sunglasses. And we also fit prescription lenses to swimming goggles and snooker and cycle glasses.

To minimise the glare of the sun on snow or water, we recommend prescription polarising lenses. Particularly effective for driving, ski-ing and holidays by the sea, they dramatically reduce reflections and glare.


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Merton Beck Opticians
39 Widnes Road,

Tel: 0151 424 2141
Fax: 0151 424 2141

Opening Hours
Monday - Friday: 9am to 5pm
Saturday: 9am to 1pm

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